Camels are tameable mobs that can be tamed with cookies. They are used for transportation and come in a variety of colours such as white, grey, black, brown and yellow
. They usually spawn in groups of 1-4.


Camels won't drop anything. Thier purpose is for transportation, besides that they don't have much purpose. SOMEBODY TELL US HOW TO CHANGE THE NAME!!!! DX


Camels will wander around deserted biomes making grunting noises. Like most mobs; they shall make no attempt to stay away from obstacles that may harm them. If a Camel Jockey mounts on the Camel, the Camel will become hostile to the player.


  • V1.99a ADDED: Camels what are fun-loving and free, until a Camel Jockey turns them sour!
  • V2.00 TWEAK: Camels are now 2 blocks wide
  • V2.10
  • FIXED: Camel setting saved correctly - fixes tamed Camels going AWOL
  • TWEAK: Adjusted cookies needed for tamed Camels - random 5-15
  • V2.40 TWEAK: Camels have been reduced in size


  • Sand Humper: Tame a Camel

Camel JockeyEdit

( For more information see the Camel Jockey article)

If a Camel Jockey mounts onto a wild Camel the Camel will become hostile and seize the player by spitting at you, this will cause 0.5 hearts of damage to the player.


  • It is not recommended to tame a Camel because it uses up many cookies. They are rather fragile and tend to pass out quickly. unless you are overloaded with cookies it is not recommended to tame a Camel.

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