The Hunchback Skeleton is a neutral mob that doesn't spawn natrually. It only spawns once the player gives a tamed Hunchback a Bone. They act in an extremely similar manner to ordinary Skeletons.


Hunchback Skeletons will yeild 0-2 Bones or Arrows upon death, very much like the ordinary Skeleton drops upon his death.


Hunchback Skeletons will shoot thier arrows at the first aggressive mob that they see and will continue to fight it until it dies. After about a minute they disintergrate which means they are temporary and the player will have to feed thier Hunchback another Bone (See the Hunchback Article for more information).


  • V1.3 FIXED: Hunchback Skeletons now only attack other mobs and creatures. They won't attack Guinea Pigs, Hunchbacks or SnowDevils
  • V1.31 FIXED: Hunchbacks fighting themselves if caught in the crossfire
  • V1.5 TWEAK: Hunchback Skeletons drop less Bones and Arrows


  • Hunchback Skeletons are very similar to ordinary Skeletons