A bunch of Non Swimmers. One is sitting on a Towel while the others are drowning.

The Non Swimmer is a passive mob in MoreCreeps and Weirdos. They spawn near water and sand and are invunerable to punching which is a special characteristic the Non Swimmer has.


The Non Swimmer will not drop anything upon death, he will give the player 0-2 Lollies if he or she rescues the Non Swimmer from drowning.


The Non Swimmer is rather clumsy since he wanders around the terrain aimlessly avoiding the many hazards throughout the world of Minecraft. If he makes contact with water, his legs will disappear and will perform a drowning animation. He can be rescued by punching him towards the land (this is why he is invunerable to punching). Once he makes it out of the water; he can be seen sitting on a Towel relaxing in the sun. Non-Swimmers will also occasionally be attacked by Robot Ted if they are nearby.


  • V2.20 ADDED: Non Swimmer who drowns in water, but offers a reward if saved!
  • V2.40 TWEAK: Non Swimmer easier to wrangle. Invunerable to punching.


  • Life Guard On Duty: Rescue a Non Swimmer


  • "I'm Drowning"
  • "Help me I can't swim"
  • "Oh my goodness I'm drowning"
  • "Help please I'm drowning"
  • "I don't like the water why, why, why did I get in the water?"
  • "I like chicken"
  • "Here take this as a reward"
  • "Here take this"
  • "Thanks for saving me"
  • "Here's your reward"
  • "Sorry I don't have anything to give you"
  • "I don't have anything, sorry"


  • The Non Swimmer doesn't walk like other human mobs, instead it will do an awkward cross walk. This is probably an animation bug that needs fixing.
  • Non Swimmers have no texture for thier feet, Freakstritch supposedly forgot to insert a texture for the feet (or the bottom of thier legs).

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